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Sarah Doe

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Access to HE: Getting Ready for the FAB

Whether you are new to Access to HE or have been delivering Access diplomas for a number of years, watch our training webinar for information and advice on preparing for the Final Awards Board and end of year processes.

From this session, you will learn about the main activities and arrangements for awarding in 2021, including holding internal exams boards, uploading RACs, final moderation, and preparing for and running a successful Final Awards Board.

We welcome anyone with an interest in Access to HE to watch, even if you are not delivering a Gateway Qualifications Access to HE Diploma. This is an opportunity to learn or update your FAB knowledge and ask questions to our experienced Access to HE Quality Manager, Sarah Doe.

Watch it here!

Useful links

During the webinar, we mention a number of helpful handouts. You can find these documents, along with others that help you deliver Access to HE, in the Forms and Templates section of our website:

Access to HE Forms and Templates

Presentation slides

Agenda for final awards

Extenuating Circumstances form

Internal Board Agenda

NR form

Report by Course Representative Template

Enhanced progression opportunities for Access to HE

Excellent presentation, which very clearly specified all of the critical information that we need to be aware of for final moderation. Thank you very much.

Mel Brookstone, Access Coordinator, City and Islington College