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Gateway Qualifications is an Access Validating Agency (AVA) licenced by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

Our Access to HE Diploma provides the choice between an off-the-shelf qualification or bespoke options and the ability to mix and match between the two. Also we have recently introduced a number of improvements to ensure a service that is simple, straightforward and effective.

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Quality, choice and certainty

With the best possible Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) rating of ‘low risk’ and full compliance with the new diploma specification, our Access to HE Diploma programmes deliver consistent high quality across the range of some 60 titles.

A validation process that is simple and efficient

Our streamlined, free-of-charge validation process is focussed on
content and for clarity separates centre approval consideration
from validation of specific diplomas. This allows each diploma to become available from a number of centres, while maintaining the option for local delivery of bespoke courses.

With our investment making life easier for you

Our non-bureaucratic approach employs smart resources including an on-line databank of more than 1000 units for use in Access courses and an upgraded registration/certification system.

Changes that reflect market demand

Gateway Qualifications’ suite of Access to HE Diplomas provides a resource that achieves the necessary balance between sophistication and simplicity driven by current market demand.

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About the Access to HE Diploma

The Access to HE Diploma enables adults without other qualifications such as A levels to progress to higher education.

Becoming an Access to HE Centre

The process to become an Access provider is straightforward but it is essential the appropriate steps are followed.

Off-the-Shelf Diplomas

Our extensive range of off-the-shelf Access to HE Diplomas are the easiest way to run an Access to HE course.

Information for Access Centres

Gateway Qualifications provides many resources for Access Centres organised in handy topic groupings.

Information for Access Students

If you are interested in studying for an Access to HE Diploma you can use the Access to HE Course Directory to find a college near you or a subject you are interested in.

Information for HEIs

Higher Education Institutes play a vital role in ensuring the continued fitness for purpose of the Access to HE Diploma as an entry qualification for HE.

Information for Access Moderators

Gateway Qualifications supports Access Moderators with events throughout the year to ensure the quality and standard of Access Provision.

Pre-Access Qualifications

Specifically designed to support progression to Access to HE Diplomas.

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