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A selection of resources to support your delivery of Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQ).

Qualification Specification

Sample Assessments

Diagnostic Tools

Guidance on using our external assessment platform, Surpass

Frequently Asked Questions about EDSQ

External Resources

Online Shopping Simulator – This flash-based simulator allows learners to work through a shopping activity safely but still maintaining a realistic shopping experience.

Online Shopping Activity – This instructional YouTube video walks you through how to set up a shopping activity for your learners using Google Forms.

Good Things Foundation – The following resources have been developed by Good Things Foundation, a social change charity aiming to help people improve their lives through digital.

  • Learn My Way (Entry Level) – Learn My Way is a website of free online courses, built by Good Things Foundation, to help people develop their digital skills.
  • The Planner Tool – Designed by Good Things Foundation to be used at the start of self-guided learning, the Planner Tool helps a learner identify their own strengths, areas of interest and areas for development of digital skills.
  • Make It Click (Level 1) – Make It Click features free courses, tools and templates that you can trust. You can learn new apps, improve the skills you already have and take a positive step forward in your work.
  • Remote Support Delivery Support – Resources to help Centres offer, or continue to offer, remote learning.

Education & Training Foundation – In 2019, DfE commissioned the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to deliver the start of blended CPD programme to prepare teachers, trainers and leaders to deliver the new qualifications based on the national standards for Essential Digital Skills.

bksb  one of the UK’s most popular online learning platformsLast year, over 1.5 million learners used their online assessments and learning resources to improve their skills in Englishmaths and digital skills.  Having been mapped to the Essential Digital Skills Framework, their latest course introduces students to the digital world, from using everyday devices to solving technical issues. Covering five topic areas at both Entry Level and Level One, bksb’s diagnostic assessment and comprehensive learning resources contain everything your learners will need, including videos, interactive activities and jargon-busting glossaries.  The bksb eLearning platform identifies a current working level and skill gaps specific to each learner, then offers engaging learning content that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.  It supports colleges, training and apprenticeship providers with powerful reporting data for Ofsted and funding requirements.

Further guidance available for centres approved to deliver our EDSQs

The following resources are available for approved Centres through Prism:

  • Centre Guide – This guide is for all involved in the delivery and assessment of Entry Level 3 and Level 1 Essential Digital Skills Qualifications (EDSQ). It provides information and guidance on meeting the assessment and quality assurance requirements for this suite of qualifications.
  • Glossary of Terms – This glossary has been developed to give the learner the key vocabulary that you need when developing their digital skills.
  • Surpass Candidate Guide – This guide gives learners an overview of how to access and navigate the assessment.
  • Surpass Guide for Centres – This guide gives you the centre an overview of how to book assessments, mark and carry out internal quality assurance.
  • Standardisation Materials – This zip file contains everything you need to be able to carry out standardisation activities within your centre; including sample answers, sample marking, and mark schemes.
  • Mock Assessments (paper versions) – These are paper versions of the mock assessments which will allow you to use the various tasks or knowledge questions as teaching materials, either remotely or face to face.
  • Mock Assessment Mark Schemes – These accompany the mock assessments and will allow you to mark work.

The following resources are available for registered EDSQ learners approved Centres through Surpass:

  • Mock Assessments (online versions) – These mock assessments allow the learners to familiarise themselves with the assessment platform, they also allow centres to familiarise themselves with the marking procedures.
  • Mock Assessment Mark Schemes – These accompany the mock assessments and will allow you to mark work.