The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has confirmed that units (often referred to as components) within fundable qualifications will be automatically eligible for funding. Qualification Eligibility Principles 2017/2018, paragraph 25.

In simpler terms, if a qualification is funded, the units within it will be funded.

For more information, feel free to contact your development manager.

This is probably best explained through an example :

  1. Using the bite-sized qualification specifications (see links below), search for the Unit Reference Number for the unit you want to check. Do not confuse this with the Qualification Number)
    Qualification Specification bite-sized English
    Qualification Specification bite-sized Mathematics
  2. Opening the Learning Aims Page, enter the Unit Reference Number into the Keyword or Code Search Box

  3. Ensure the Type of Learning drop down is set to Units. The default is set to Qualifications so make sure you change it.
  4. Select the correct Teaching Year in which the learners will start the course.
  5. Since you are searching for a specific course, no other filters or information is needed. It’s particularly important to note that since the change to the RQF units are now mostly shown as multi awarding organisations – hence it is not possible to search for Gateway Qualifications units on the Hub.
  6. After checking Search, on the results page yo can see overview view information. The key line to look at is the LDNS (Late Date for the New Starts) link, which is the last date eligible learners can be registered to claim that funding.
  7. Clicking the Unit Title bring up the detail page (image 7a) and selecting the Funding tab will show all the relevant funding information for that unit (image 7b)

Key Information

The Qualification Eligibility Principles 2017/2018 state:

“Components of qualifications
25) When we make a qualification eligible, we will make its components available (including units where they exist). We will not make the component available if it links to an employer’s statutory responsibility to licence practice.”

It is important to remember that ESFA literature often uses the term “components”. In the ESFA glossary, “components” is defined as “a subset of a qualification, which could be a unit”.