Key Facts

Level 2
Subject Sector:
15.3 Business Management
Qualification No:
304 hours
Total qualification time:
390 hours
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Age Range:

Qualification purpose

Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area

Qualification Grading Type


Assessment Methods

  • Portfolio of Evidence

  • Why choose this qualification?

    The Pre-Access Diploma in Further Study in Business is intended to support progression to an Access to HE Diploma in a related area.

    The Diploma will provide learnerswith a firm foundation in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding of business, while at the same time givingthem the opportunity to develop and practisetheir study skills. Individuals will have the chance to practise producing written work in the format expected when progressing to an Access to HE Diploma and to experience the same approach to assessment, making the learner better prepared for further study.

    Each of the pre-Access qualifications has a single mandatory, graded unit which requires learners to complete an extended project in their chosen sector or subject. Learners can then choose the remaining units from a range of optional ungraded units, selecting those that match their interests and best fit with their planned progression route. They may also select a unit in effective learning skills, if they need an additional focus on these skills.

    The Certificate and Diploma in Further Study in Business will support progression to Access to HE Diplomas including Business, Business and Information Systems, Business Management, Business Management and IT, Business Studies and Economics and Law and Business.