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This qualification is being withdrawn
The operational end date (last date for new starts) of this qualification is 31/07/2021 and the certification end date is 30/09/2021.

Key Facts

Level 4
Subject Sector:
13.1 Teaching and Lecturing
Qualification No:
30 hours
Total qualification time:
60 hours
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Age Range:

Qualification purpose

Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area

Qualification Grading Type


Assessment Methods

  • Portfolio of Evidence

  • Why choose this qualification?

    The Gateway Qualifications Level 4 Award in Action Research qualification is designed to support the development of action research skills which can then be applied to any field of enquiry. It has been developed with the support of organisations involved in providing professional development services to teachers and teaching assistants.

    The objective of the qualification is to develop in learners an understanding of action research and a research skill-set, which they can apply in their job role as a means of improving their own performance and that of others.

    This qualification supports progression to further research-related qualifications and may act as a stepping stone towards higher education for some learners. It is also intended to enhance the capabilities of the learner within their existing job role or to enable them to progress within employment.

    There are no restrictions to entry. However, in order to meet the assessment requirements for the qualification, learners must have access to an appropriate setting in which to conduct action research.

    Rules of Combination

    Learners must achieve the single mandatory unit totally 6 credits.



    Learners must achieve the single mandatory unit totally 6 credits.

    Action Research

    Level 4
    Guided Learning Hours:
    Unit No:
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    What is the purpose of this qualification?

    This qualification is suitable for anyone interested in learning how to undertake action research. It will be particularly useful if the learners are new to the concept of action research and want to learn how to apply action research techniques to help the learners improve there own practice and/or that of others, e.g in your teaching, provision of learning support or care.

    What skills, knowledge, or understanding does this qualification develop?

    This qualification provides an introduction to action research, including the features that distinguish it from other types of research and the skills needed to carry it out. The learners will take a single mandatory unit which covers:

    • The key features of action research
    • Planning research
    • Carrying out research
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Drawing conclusions from findings
    • Using findings to improve performance
    • Evaluating your own performance as a researcher

    Which sector does this qualification support?

    The qualification is intended to enhance your capabilities within your existing job role or to enable you to progress within employment.

    What are the progression options?

    This qualification supports progression to further research-related qualifications and may act as a stepping stone towards higher education for some learners.

    Progression & entry requirements

    The learners must be aged 19 or above to take this qualification. The learners don’t need any specific prior qualifications or levels of attainment. However the learners will need access to an appropriate setting in which to carry out your research.

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