How do I save a sound file for an external assessment?

  1. Click ‘Actions’ and select ‘Your Cohorts’
  2. Click the Cohort ID reference to open the cohort
  3. Click the ‘Cohort Documentation’ button
  4. Click to select the Sound file
    • The sound file will download and the appearance will differ depending on the browser used

Image of view document screen

  1. Click on the downloaded file to open and play the sound file
  2. To save the file – Go to the start menu (bottom left of your screen) and type ‘downloads’ in the search box
  3. Click to select the Downloads folder
  4. The file will be displayed in the Downloads folder
  5. Save to a designated folder for use at the time of assessment.
    • If the file is not obvious in the folder, try changing the folder view to Details, and then sort by date, so the most recent download – the sound file – appears at the top