Scheduling an EDSQ Assessment

Once learners have been registered via Quartzweb, you will need to schedule the learners for an assessment in Surpass.  

  1. Select Test Administration in the title bar
  2. Select Schedule

  1. Select Schedule Test
    • A pop-up window will appear

  1. Select the Centre/Site you are scheduling learners on assessments 

  1. Select Subject and Test

  1. Enter a start date –  the date the assessment is being sat
  2. Submission date
    • This will be a pre-populated date once you have entered the start date

  1. Select all learners required for this assessment by checking the tick box in the last column.
    • All columns are sortable and can be filtered

  1. Assign a Marker from the drop-down box

NOTE: You do not need to select the moderator.

10. The Review page will show all learners you have booked for the assessment.

    • Once checked, click Finish on the pop-up screen.