How do I schedule learners for external assessments?

Before you begin – Some Important Information


  • ESOL papers (E1, E2, E3 and Level 1)
    • There is no need to schedule assessments any longer as papers are available to self select in the ‘Cohort Documentation’ option.
    • An attendance register is not required at these levels.
  • ESOL (Level 2)
    • For a sitting on a specific day, enter the same date in both calendars.
    • Enter the start and end times of assessment over the default 00:00 (without this the system will not be able to assign an assessment to the learners).
    • An Attendance Register for every sitting held MUST be downloaded and completed.

All Online Assessments (Including British Values, Mental Wellbeing and Keeping Safe and Healthy)

  • For Qualifications where an assessment window is permitted, enter the dates between which the candidates will sit, keeping this as small as practicable (for example, no longer than one month).
  • Select the start time of 00:15 and the end time of 22:45 (this allows the assessment to be available between those times on each day).

Scheduling learners for external assessment:

  1. Log in to QuartzWeb and register the cohort of learners as usual
  2. Once the learners have been processed, a confirmation email will be issued to advise to log back in and book the assessment
  3. To book, go to ‘Actions’ and select ‘Your Cohorts’
  4. Select the cohort ID from the list displayed
  5. A full list of learners will be displayed. Click ‘All’ to select all learners
  6. Click ‘Results’ and select ‘Assessment Scheduling’ Image of results drop down list
  7. Select the Task or Paper from the E-Assessment Unit drop-down list
    • Please ensure you select Paper-based or Online, depending on the mode of assessment delivery you require
  8. Select the date of the assessment and enter the time by over-typing the existing 00:00
  9. Click ‘Check All’ to select all the learners if they are all taking the assessment at the same date and time chosen. Clicking ‘Uncheck All’ will remove this selection
  10. Individual learners can be selected by clicking the box within the submit column (for learners sitting at different times)
  11. Click ‘Submit’

Image of E-Assessment batch submission confirmation screen

  1. Click ‘Confirm’ if all details are correct
  2. A confirmation screen will appear – Click ‘Continue’
  3. The screen will then return to the E-Assessment booking page, further assessments can be booked if required
  4. Once the booking is accepted, an email advising the assessment documents are available to download (if applicable) will be issued.