We understand that there may be times when alterations to assessment bookings are required and below, we explain the different approaches to take depending on the scenario.

Cancelling Assessments:

What are some of the reasons for cancellation?

  • A learner will be unable to attend on the date of booked assessment and needs to sit on an alternative date
  • Learners are unexpectedly unable to take an assessment as scheduled
  • The assessment has been booked for the wrong date in error
  • Learner has withdrawn

When can Centres cancel and how?

Where a date needs to be changed within an already booked window and the keycodes have not been used by a learner, there is no need to cancel and rebook. Simply arrange to sit the assessment on the required date.

Up to 24 hours before the scheduled date, Centres can cancel booked assessments by:

  • going into Surpass and finding the learner on the Schedule tab, highlighting the learner and clicking on the Delete Test button.

From 24 hours before the scheduled date, when the learners are on the Invigilate tab, you do not need to take any action as the booking will automatically clear 24 hours after the scheduled date.

NB – ensure that your attendance register and seating plan reflect the absence if required.

Rebooking Assessments:

There are three scenarios for rebooking assessments:

  1. When a learner has not attended the original booked assessment and not used their pin code, and the booking has been cancelled.
  2. When a learner has not attended the original booked assessment and not used their pin code, and the date has passed.
  3. When a learner has sat the original booked assessment and used their pin code, has not passed, and needs to resit the assessment.

When can assessments be rebooked?

  • 24 hours after the booked assessment window ends
  • Immediately after cancellation
  • For resits, we advise that you allow sufficient time for additional teaching and learning to take place before entering a learner for a resit.

How do I rebook assessments and resits?

Book the assessment in the usual way on the Surpass platform.

Scheduling an assessment

Is there a cost to rebook?

There is no charge to rebook or for resits

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