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How do I use the Surpass online system?

Please note – Instructions on how to register candidates and book online external assessments using the QuartzWeb system is provided in separate guidance

Logging in to Surpass (Administrator and Invigilator)

When an Administrator account is created an email will be issued containing a username and a link to the ‘Change Password’ screen:

Example email from Surpass with log in details

  1. Click link
  2. Create and confirm a password
    • This must contain a minimum of 8 characters, a number, at least one upper case and one lower case letter, and a special character
  3. Create a security question and answer
    • The security question must be within 15 to 80 characters and the answer must be between 3 to 80 characters
  4. Once the password and security question has been created and entered, the Surpass Home Page will be displayed

Surpass Home Screen

  1. Use and bookmark this link – https://gateway.surpass.com to access the log in page in future

Obtaining log-in details for candidates and printing the Invigilation Pack (Administrator)

Please note – Candidates will require a key code to access the assessment.  To produce key codes, an invigilation pack will be required

  1. Select ‘Test Administration’ from the menu bar Surpass menu bar
  2. Select ‘Schedule’ from the drop-down list Surpass schedule button
    • All Columns are sortable and can be filtered
  3. Select Group by session or Show each candidate (bottom left of page) to add/remove columns in view  Surpass group by session or show each candidate buttons
  4. Highlight rows required for candidates to be included in the invigilation pack (press ctrl or shift to multiselect)
  5. Click Print Invigilation Pack  Surpass print invigilation pack button


Warning – Do not select the ‘Remove PIN’ or ‘Void’ buttons as all learners MUST use a PIN to access the assessment.  Your learners results may be at risk if these selections are processed.


  1. Select – Create Invigilation Pack using selected tests  Surpass create invigilation pack using selected tests button
  2. Select One Keycode or Multiple Keycodes per page  Surpass print invigilation pack options page
  3. Click – Finish
  4. A PDF document will download

On the day of the test (Invigilator)

  1. Prepare the examination room
  2. Ensure the Invigilation pack has been provided by the Administrator
  3. Enter any reasonable adjustments – See Entering Reasonable Adjustments below
  4. Advise Candidates of their individual key codes
  5. Complete the Attendance Register
  6. Once ready to proceed – advise candidates of the pin code to start the test
  7. Complete the Invigilation Report

Entering Reasonable Adjustments (Invigilator)

  1. Select Test Administration in the title bar  Surpass menu bar
  2. Select Invigilate  Surpass invigilate button
  3. Find and highlight the Candidate row
    • Note – All columns can be sorted and/or filtered
  4. Select Modify Duration (bottom of page)  Surpass modify duration button
  5. Enter new duration required and reason for additional time  Surpass edit candidate exam duration screen
  6. Click OK

Starting the Assessment (Invigilator)

  1. Invigilator to advise Candidates to enter individual key code into SecureClient and to follow onscreen instructions
  2. Invigilator announces PIN for all candidates which is found in the second column  Surpass PIN example
    • Note the first column can be filtered
  3. After announcing the PIN select ‘In Progress’ button to list all candidates currently taking the assessment  Surpass In Progress button
  4. The symbols will change according to the status of the test (examples are provided below)

Surpass test status symbols

In the event of an emergency (Invigilator)

  1. The assessment may be paused by highlighting and selecting Individuals or selecting ‘Select All in Page’  Surpass select all in page button
    • Note – if candidates carry over to more than one page, you will need to select all candidates on every page
  2. Click Pause  Surpass pause button
    • Note – Candidates will receive a pop up notification to advise the exam has been paused
  3. To resume the test – Select individuals or select all in page as above
  4. Click Resume  Surpass resume button

How to Produce Results Reports

  • Select Test Administration
  • Select Results
    • This will show an overview of percentage and mark
  • Bottom righthand side of page

Surpass producing results reports menu bar

  • Summary
    • Highlight and select all candidates required
    • Click Summary
    • Create report using reporting wizard – follow instructions
    • This will show a list of the selected candidates – name, test date and pass/fail
  • Candidate Breakdown
    • Highlight and select all candidates required
    • Click Candidate Breakdown
    • Create report using reporting wizard – follow instructions
    • This will show the Learning Objective results for each individual learner selected and pass/fail (names of candidates show on each sheet)
  • Test Breakdown
    • Highlight and select all candidates required
    • Click Test Breakdown
    • Create report using reporting wizard – follow instructions
    • This will show selected candidates as a group breakdown of learning outcomes (no names will appear on the print out)
  • Results Slip
    • Highlight and select all candidates required
    • Click Results Slip
    • Create report using reporting wizard – follow instructions
    • This will show each candidate test results – percentage, pass/fail, qualification, learner name
  • Print
    • This will print the screen – follow instructions

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